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Hey there! I’m Brianna, and I’m the founder and owner of Organized Fixology! I am a professional organizer and productivity life coach based in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Being able to organize things into a logical order has always been something that I am just naturally good at. I also have an energetic desire to help people. From the intersection of these two traits, Organized Fixology was born.

My goal is to help people learn how to organize their homes, their businesses, and their time. And I do this by taking the time to get to know you and what you need. I then help you come up with a solution based on what would be best for you. By working through this process with you, I will pass along some of the skills necessary to maintain an organized lifestyle going forward.

I’m a standing member of NAPO, the National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and have completed all of the training they require of their members. I have completed additional training through Organizing U, as well as life coach training to add a humanistic approach to my services.

I truly believe that every person has their own unique problems when it comes to organizing. We all hold on to things for different reasons. And we all have different experiences in our lives that have shaped who we are today. So rather than try to fit you into some conventional mold, I’ll help you find unique solutions that work for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

I also understand the importance of working with someone who’s a good fit for you. I offer a complimentary session so that we can get to know each other and see if I’m the right organizer for you.

I am amazed by the changes Brianna helped me with in terms of not only time management and organization but mindset. I am also amazed that she was able to pinpoint exactly how to change my daily patterns. Since working with Brianna my non-negotiable priorities have been done daily and my to-do list has gotten done every day. She is not only a whiz at organizing but also tapping into my mindset!! I don’t have enough words to express how highly I recommend her and she’s just a cool bird, no judgment, and gets it done!!!

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